5 Wildlife Photographers of Nepal you should be following on Instagram

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Nepal is home to immensely diverse wildlife and has a wide variety of animals across the country’s differing climatic conditions, varying from tropical to arctic in different regions of the country. the beauty of Nepal lies largely in its success when it comes to wildlife conservation. Nepal has put itself on the front line when it comes to commitment in conserving and managing all sorts of resources and life-forms, including both plants and animals. On this article we are featuring some of the wildlife photographers of Nepal.

Wildlife photography is widely believed to be one of the most challenging and rewarding genres of photography, in that the subject of the photograph is dynamic. Animals move, they blink, they turn their heads or they fly off in some cases. Every photograph captured perfectly has a legacy of a thousand missed opportunities since wildlife photography thrives on chance. Photographers have to be vigilant enough to be able to capture the perfect moment.

Here are 5  Wildlife Photographers of Nepal you should be following on Instagram

Sagar Giri @sagargiriofficial

Born in Sauraha, Chitwan, Sagar Giri holds a strong fascination for the place he calls home. Growing up close to nature. Passionate about the environment, wildlife, birds, and conservation since his childhood. A graduate of hotel management, he decided to change the path and pursue his passion. Sagar became a wildlife photographer, turning his hobby into a career.

He says “Wildlife photography requires a lot of patience and perseverance. You have to be prepared to sit in one spot for long hours, often hiding in bushes, waiting for an animal to make it appearance.”

He was also awarded with “Photographer of the year 2019”. He is a certified naturalist, Founder of i click for conservation, executive member of Anti-poaching Youth Committe, & Tiger Conservation Committee and Director of Chitwan Gaida Lodge. Sagar aspires to work with the government to get Nepal’s recognized for its natural abundance while working on conservation.


Chungba Sherpa

Chungba Sherpa is originally from Solukhumbu, Chourikharka Lukla, currently staying at Kathmandu Nepal, and a Patron member of Bird Conservation Nepal BCN.

His interest in photography began almost 20 years ago, this was in the dark ages, before the internet and social media, but it has only been two and a half years since he passionately stepped into the field of professional wildlife photography. His Passion for capturing rare birds and rare animals in Nepal took him from the Terai lowlands to the footsteps of the Himalayas, where battling the cold winds and snow was a routine just to capture some spectacular rare sightings like the Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, Himalayan Thar, and Himalayan Monal, Tibetan Snowcock.

He says “Wildlife photography is a challenging field and I put a lot of hard work and effort into this. I have camped for months in the Himalayas and spent countless hours for some of those shots. I am always looking for the next challenge and where it might take me. My mission is also to encourage young enthusiastic photographers and to help them be better photographers.”

Om Yadav @omyadav_wildlife

Om Yadav is a professional photographer specializing in wildlife and travel photography. Mr. Yadav started his photographic journey as a hobbyist more than 27 years ago. Mr. Yadav continued his hobby for several years since then and not until 1998 he started working as a freelance photographer for events. His passion for photography grew in time and he saw himself focus more on the natural beauty of his country, Nepal.

2006 was a pivotal period in Om Yadav’s Photography career. It was then when he won Grand Prize in a prestigious National Level Photo Contest. Om Yadav was now a known name in Kathmandu and Nepal as a photographer. Winning this contest not only make Mr. Yadav a “well-known” photographer, but he also changed his career from Information Technology to full-time photography as a Professional Travel and Wildlife Photographer in 2007.

Bimita Bhandari @bimitaphotography

Bimita Bhandari was born in Sauraha, Chitwan. She was the past secretary of Bird Education Society and a life member of Bird Conservation Nepal. Her dad was a forest guard in the buffer zone and she got inspired to work in the conservation field. After finishing SLC she started Guiding at Chitwan National Park as a Nature guide which inspired her more to be a wildlife photographer.

She combines photography with art, resulting in jaw-dropping pictures with a beautiful mood. She has got some beautiful pictures from Nepal’s maximum National Parks and Wildlife reserves from Bengal Tiger, Great One Horned Rhino, Sloth Bear to Red Panda she has shot them all.

Bikash Basnet @bikash.basnet

Bikash Basnet was born and raised in the eastern part of Nepal, currently, he has been living in Kathmandu for more than a decade. He began photography as a hobby six years back. Once he started visiting the outskirts of the valley with his camera, He found birds as a subject of my photography. This way, his hobby turned into a passion. Outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, wetlands within it, Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Jagadishpur wetland, and other various parts of Nepal are the areas where he has visited searching for the winged beauty.

Graduated in Literature and choosing civil service as his profession he has tried his best to steal time for the bird and wildlife photography. He has won the first prize in the National Bird Photo Contest organized by BCN (Bird Conservation Nepal). He also writes photo feature and other bird and wildlife-related articles on national newspapers and other online media regularly. He says “Wildlife photography has taught me the place and position of humanity in this vast fabric of life on the earth”

This is our listing on 5 Wildlife photographers of Nepal. We are on Instagram too, Please follow us here @nepal8thwonder_


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