COMMUNITY HOMESTAY NETWORK: An Impact Driven Approach To Tourism In Nepal

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Community Homestay Network recognized globally as one of the 25 travel companies in the
world doing good things.

A social enterprise from Nepal, Community Homestay Network (CHN), has been featured by
Travel Pulse in a list of 25 companies changing the world, alongside other global organizations
like North Face and Hyatt. Travel Pulse is one of the leading sources in the world for the latest
travel news, offers and videos.

Community Homestay

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How Community Homestay Network is empowering local communities?

The recognition from Travel Pulse comes in light of CHN’s work to empower local communities
in Nepal through tourism. Community Homestay Network supports communities by managing travel-related logistics, promoting communities globally through different global platforms, providing training to
homestays on relevant topics, and working with communities to develop new tourism products
to enhance travelers’ visits and create value addition for communities. CHN also helps
communities upgrade their services by sharing best practices and providing financing options,
as and when needed.

Community Homestay

Community Homestays and their impact on the economy of the community

Community Homestays act as a source of additional income for many communities. Thanks to CHN, as it has brought a positive impact on the economy of the community. While families are engaged in other primary work (mostly agriculture), homestays provide a source of employment to people in the comfort of their own homes. This has been particularly beneficial for women who are often responsible for managing the household.

The travelers’ contribution to the homestay experience, provides a source of income to women and the interactions with travelers also help them become more confident. Women in Panauti and Barauli, who are part of the Community Homestay Network, report feeling more confident after becoming a part of the community homestay project. Women who previously did not have bank accounts are now getting their incomes credited directly into their bank accounts and women in other communities, take pride in being able to contribute towards the family savings with the homestay income.

Community Homestay

In terms of the impact on the larger community, since most communities’ sources for their homestays are supplied locally, benefiting the local economy too. The community in Bhada, for example, is interdependent on each other when it comes to buying and selling agricultural produce required for guests. In Barauli, new restaurants and community-based lodges have opened after the success of the Barauli Community Homestay.

Community Homestay

Summing Up

The thousands of global travelers that visit community homestays through CHN’s networks
have helped create a tangible change in their hosts’ lives. Families report increased income, and
communities report increased interest from community members for cultural preservation.
More recently, in the absence of tourism due to COVID-19, Community Homestay Network has
developed a project to support local communities to develop and sell unique local products that will promote the destinations in which they are made. The project was recently awarded the grant and has kicked off in full swing.

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