10 Nepali Travellers you should be following on Instagram

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Almost every photo enthusiast either professional or non professional has greater scope in Instagram. The photos you take and the words you share can be used as a powerful tool to amaze and inspire others. Here is the list of 10 inspiring Nepali Travellers you should be following on Instagram for authentic Nepal and its natural beauty.

Here is the list of 10 Nepali Travellers you should be following on Instagram

Ujjwal Rai @lostinthehimalaya

As a child, I was always fascinated by traveling and the mountains, however, coming from a modest background, my family and I never could afford to go traveling and my adventures were left to my imagination.  After leaving school, I decided to take up a job as a trekking guide in the Himalayas order to fulfill my dream to travel. I started as a porter and experienced what it is like to carry back-breaking loads in the mountains, but wasn’t turned off. This only motivated me further to work my way up to being a mountain guide, to show people outside Nepal what the country has to offer.
People will get to see my traveling stories and posts about the mountains. People can expect ideas on how to go to specific trekking areas.

Raza Shrestha @razashrestha

I’m Raza Shrestha, currently living at Bhaktapur, Thimi. I’m a freelance photographer. My journey began after the massive earthquake, 2015. This incident like all other Nepalese people hit me hard. At that moment I had been through a lot and photography became a therapy for me to cope with what I was going through.
I like to do street photography, as I love to capture people’s emotions in their natural state. Through a photograph I think I can tell their untold stories.
Apart from doing street, I travel to different places in Nepal once a year. The landscapes, the mountains, the roads, nature as a whole, and people I meet on my journey, their smiles, the way they live and their spirit captivates me which I capture in my photographs and treasure forever.

Samde Sherpa @samdesherpa_

This is me Samde Sherpa . I am a passionate traveling photographer. By Profession, I am a tour/trek guide who has been engaged in this field since 2005. I started traveling to different parts of Nepal. Mostly I like to travel in remote areas of Nepal rather than a commercial area. Usually I trek to Mustang and Everest region every year. Mustang region has fascinated me very much as I follow Tibetan Buddhism. From Astrophotos to Landscapes i shoot them all. I would like to welcome you to my Instagram Feed.

Sandip Sharma @xandip_messi

I’m Sandip Sharma, a native of Baglung Bazar Nepal and a full-time traveler since 2017.
As you know once you decide to create the lifestyle of a traveler, you will be amazed at the ways that opens up for you. However, it was really challenging during my starting days. I started traveling back in 2015, however, as a part-time traveler and I traveled the nearest popular destination from my hometown, PoonHill, and Mustang. Later in 2017 I put some flexibility in my schedule and let myself go with the flow and became a full-time traveler. I have been sharing my travel experience in Youtube and some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
My major motivation for traveling in Nepal is letting people know what we actually have and I would love to share the experiences with the photographs and videos of me traveling around. I would always wish to share stories about the places and it’s people.

Mohan Duwal @mohgraphy

Born in Bhaktapur and raised in Kathmandu Nepal, I primarily work as a Creative Director of Shiran Technologies, a sister company of F1 Soft International but my heart lies in traveling to capture people and places. I have been photographing the mountains and beyond since 2000 and have been able to snap most parts of Nepal, especially along the lines of GHT. Besides trekking, my second most favorite way to travel is through my trusted bike, with which I have journeyed to Rara, Manang and along the East West Highways among others.


Niroj Sedhai @nirojsedhai

I am Niroj Sedhai born and raised in Annapurna region where I found my love for outdoor, wild, and remote places in the Himalaya early on. I am a geographer involved in outdoors with interests in trekking, climbing, and exploring. I started traveling after high school, which later helped me to decide what I want to take expertise on. I am a devoted lover of nature and I am always on the lookout for hidden gems while exploring. I try to bring out the stories from remote places and People. Also, I am always trying to connect the place with its geographical feature through my photos and sometimes videos.

Prasesh Shiwakoti @lomash_s

Prasesh Shiwakoti (Lomash as I am professionally called) I am a travel filmmaker and landscape and travel photographer by profession. As I have a huge interest in filmmaking, I did my bachelor’s in Multimedia Technologies which drive me more into filmmaking and photography. I have gained much knowledge of filming videos from my bachelor’s studies. I started taking photographs and videos from 2015. As I am a resident of Kathmandu, apart from city, streets, and civilizations, I always loved the forest, mountains, hills, and nature. Later I started traveling from 2016 and started my journey into travel films and landscape photography. For the first time I went to Pokhara and Ghandruk as these places were major destinations to see mountains and beautiful landscapes. Since 2016, I enrolled with some Travel companies and organizations to make documentaries and travel films. I have traveled to most of the Himalayan regions of Nepal and India. I was so deeply connected to the landscapes and culture of peoples living in the region. The smell of forest, mountains, and hills makes me crazy energetic to do my works. What I really love during my travel is the very first and last light of the sun and obviously the locals who are living in the regions disconnected from the modern world.
At very first, I was always curious to know and learn how other landscape photographers take photos. I started self-learning, took more photos and videos. I started posting my travel journey and stories on a social media app – Instagram. I start noticing people are loving my contents which gave me more hope and support to travel more and created more content. Yes it is true “Practice makes men perfect”. Prasesh is one of the emerging traveller on our list of “10 inspiring Nepali Travellers you should be following on Instagram”

Cj Karki @cj_karki

Hello it’s me Cj Karki, I think deeply about the 24months since the very beginning I started learning photography, Throughout my journey of photography, I have found that I simply enjoy taking pictures of people and my life around me. I like to document things as they are and find something special about them. I like the feeling of being on the lookout for the perfect shot. Looking left and right for the image that will make me feel like I have successfully got what I want. The anticipation, the waiting, trying, failing, trying again. Through these times, I’ll still observe and look for these moments that define what my true love for photography is, and fall in love all over again. CJ Karki is another emerging traveller on our list of “10 inspiring Nepali Travellers you should be following on Instagram”

Rishav Adhikari @shutter_psycho

I am Rishav Adhikari with the other name Shutter Psycho and I live to travel. I am a travel content creator based in Begnas lake, Pokhara and I travel all around Nepal for various photo video projects. I am also associated with the travel group called ‘Ghumante’ a community of likeminded people who focus on traveling to less frequented places around Nepal. I grew up in Begnas lake watching the mountain range day in day out and that inspired the inner kid in me to see places, explore, and everything that comes in between travel. Gosaikunda was my first trek just before the big Earthquake and after that I couldn’t let that feeling go away, it’s been an addiction ever since. For me, every photo has a story to tell if you have eyes to see it. To sum it up, there are places waiting to steal your heart, go explore, dream dwell discover, and if you can’t have your heart stolen by places, you can always go for a virtual trip, welcome to my feed. YODO.

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"It was cold, when I rubbed my eyes early in the morning. Opened my tent yawning and I could feel it, beginning of a fairytale. Couldn't see the sunrise, it happened somewhere behind the mountains but boy those colours were something to open your mouth wide in awe. That feeling when you open your tent and beautiful mountains infront of you, coolors so vivid. That morning was something and that moment is a story that will live with me forever engraved in my heart." Location : Ramjer, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. #tourtheplanet #welivetoexplore #explore #justgoshoot #ourcamplife #campvibes #camping #lonelyplanet #viewbug #ourplanetdaily #trekking #mountains #justdoit #dktm #beautifuldestinations #travelhotelsmiles #ouradventuredays #travelNepal #beinGhumante #photoNepal #visitNepal2020 #ShutterPsycho

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Rohit Giri @lureyrohit

I am 21-year-old from Pokhara, on a mission to make humans and snakes coexist peacefully. A second-year undergraduate student of biology at Prithvi Narayan Campus, I find snakes fascinating. To follow my passion for photography and snakes, I have been using this Instagram profile, where I share pictures of serpents to raise awareness among the followers, about various species and safety measures one should take if they find a snake in their home.

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Classic Shot of Copper-headed trinket snake!!

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So this is our list on 10 inspiring Nepali Travellers you should be following on Instagram. We are on Instagram too, Please follow us @nepal8thwonder_

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